Energy Assessment Info

When it comes to heating and cooling your home the key words are “the C’s”, cost and comfort.

No matter the size or age of your home, you have likely opened a utility bill and reacted with surprise (shock?) at the charges. With utility deregulation and growing worldwide energy demand, bills have fluctuated, but the trend, of course, is always upward.

While we want to save money, most of us also have areas in our homes that are not as comfortable as we would like. We want to save without sacrificing comfort. And for homeowners concerned about the environment, the awareness that their home is the major contributor to their “carbon footprint” is reason enough to act.

To help homeowners challenged by the C’s Alban now offers Residential Energy Audits. The audit is a process that examines both the energy features of the home and then puts the home to the test. Or rather, tests. An Alban Energy Auditor will examine your heating and cooling systems, ask you a series of questions about home comfort and energy costs, probe your attic insulation, check for building tightness by running a blower door test, and scan the home with an infrared camera for leaks and uninsulated areas. The audit is a thorough examination of how your home creates and loses energy.

The results of the audit are then compiled in a report with a prioritized list of suggested building improvements. Think of the audit as an energy efficient game plan. Most homeowners find that relatively simple changes will save them significant sums. Whether the homeowner or buyer acts on their game plan immediately or waits for an opportune time in the future, the energy audit enables them to better understand the home’s strengths and weaknesses from an energy perspective and begin the process of planning changes, whether minor fixes done as part of regular maintenance or the replacement of entire systems.

For more information, or to schedule your own Energy Audit, call Alban at 301-662-6565.