Prepare your home for summer: Part 1 [Video]

Summer will be here before we realize it. Before the blistering heat arrives, take stock of your home and see what adjustments or repairs it needs to be prepared for the season.

First, look at your air conditioner. Is it clean? Is the air filter working? Even if it is, Lifehacker pointed out that it’s best practice to replace the filter once each year. It’s also wise to check the temperature and make sure outgoing air is 14 to 20 degrees cooler than incoming air.

In a similar vein, appraise your home’s ventilation. Are there leaks in your insulation, or, more alarmingly, in your windows and doors? If so, address these right away with weather-stripping and caulk.

Come back soon for Part 2, where we’ll tackle more summer home improvements. Thanks for watching!