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From The Desk of Arthur S. Lazerow
Why Practice Real Estate Naked?

Why Practice Real Estate Naked? Talking about feeling vulnerable. Have you seen the TV ad for USA Today Newspapers? A gentleman steps naked out of his hotel room to pick up the newspaper and the door closes behind him. No key. No clothes. Oops! The look of vulnerability at that very moment defines the feeling of vulnerability. 
Realtors practice naked if any sale
transaction has no home inspection. Noncontingent contracts present a unique opportunity to become a defendant. I already know of one such pending lawsuit resulting from a 2004 transaction with no home inspection. With no professional home inspection, everyone is at risk. Clients are at risk of nasty surprises after settlement when they move in and find undiscovered deficiencies. Realtors are at risk of lawsuits by lawyers representing dissatisfied homebuyers. 
Much to my amazement, I routinely hear
at continuing education classes that many Realtors have never heard of or considered recommending preoffer home inspections to their clients. The pre-offer inspection is conducted just prior to submitting an offer that will contain no home inspection contingency. 
Alban Home Inspection Service, Inc.
discounts the inspection fee for a pre-offer home inspection, since it is an abbreviated inspection. Nonetheless, a preoffer inspection gives the prospective purchaser peace of mind knowing that the structure and the main components have been inspected. In a competitive market situation, recommending a pre-offer inspection may in fact be the only alternative to no inspection at all. Nonetheless, the Realtor has satisfied his or her fiduciary duty to the client. From the prospective of liability management in a competitive market, recommending a pre-offer inspection is a must.

10 Overlooked and Costly Home Maintenance Concerns

1. Structural Integrity – is fundamental to a good home. But many homeowners take an "out-of site, out-of-mind" attitude when it comes to structural problems. If left unaddressed, however, problems will become bigger problems – and bigger drains on the wallet. 
2. Heating and Cooling Systems – can outlive their economic life – and may be dangerous if used beyond. If a furnace is working beyond its life span (usually 15 to 25 years), it is wearing down as it works. This could result in a cracked heat exchanger that may emit deadly carbon monoxide. The cost of this cannot be measured in dollars. Our advice? Know the age of your system and, if it’s getting up there, consider retirement.
Rotting Wood
– can occur in numerous places in the home. The homeowner may need to carefully observe his deck, window frames, door sills, siding, fences and other wooden fixtures for signs of rot. 
Attic Spaces
– should be inspected for signs of water, moisture, mold and mildew. These can be red flags


signaling problems with ventilation, vapor barriers and insulation, which if left untreated could result in the premature wear of the roof covering. Other problems include damage to the structure and building materials and the potential for ice damming. 
5. Masonry Work – and repointing of bricks can mean substantial cost for the homeowner (think chimneys toppling over onto rooftops or clogged with dislocated bricks).
Unmarked Electrical Panels
– or even those that are improperly marked can leave the homeowner puzzled as to the amperage size of the main service – which may cause him to invest money in a service that doesn’t meet his needs.
Over or Unsafe Fusing
– occurs when more amperage is drawn on the circuit than the wire was intended to carry. This is a fire hazard! Protection (of the family AND the bank account) comes with properly fused circuits.

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