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Under Pressure How Do You Maintain a Flat Roof?

Consider the following scenario: You enter a house with a client and notice the water pressure is exceptionally strong. Noises coming from the water pipes are so loud that it sounds like thunder when the tub is being filled. Should your client be concerned about purchasing this home? 
The noises from the pipes are probably
due to the high water pressure. Yes, this should be a concern. It can also cause premature leaks in faucets and other household fixtures. It can also result in high water bills: High pressure causes splashing and dripping that waste a lot of water. 
If a water company is involved, the homeowner
should ask the utility to address the problem. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. In that case, the homeowner should see what can be done. 
The quickest fix — and usually the solution
to the problem — is to install a pressure- regulating valve on the main water line. The valve can be adjusted to limit water pressure to 50 to 70 pounds per square inch, which is sufficient for most households.



A bell-shaped metal cap on top of the water line means a regulating valve is already in place. It may simply need to be adjusted. A homeowner who doesn’t have special skills in these matters should ask a plumber how to adjust or install pressureregulating valves.
Of course, the client may observe the
opposite problem – low water pressure, with slow-running faucets throughout the home. This often occurs because minerals or other corrosives have partially blocked the openings. If only a few faucets or showerheads have low pressure, remove and clean the aerators (in the faucets) or heads (in the shower). Improvement will be immediate.


Even the best maintained roofs will fail sometime. 
Many built-up roofs fail
when the asphalt topcoat 
wears thin,
exposing the felt beneath. Exposed 
felt —
which is a cellulose mix — will absorb
water, causing bubbles in the roof. To prevent
the roof from failing, a property owner
assure that the topcoat is well-maintained
remains intact.
Even when it’s time to install a new roof, the
old roof should be inspected to assure that it
not holding moisture. If a new roof is
put on over 
wet materials, moisture will be
trapped inside the 
new roof, which will
cause the roof to fail more 
The best method is to strip all old roofing
and lie the new roof directly on the
wood deck. 
If the deck is wet, sheathing vents should be 
installed to allow trapped moisture to escape.




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