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Get Ready– Preparing for a
Home Inspection
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are in proper working order — so the homeowner should make sure they are!
Other Systems — Advise your client of the other systems that may be checked during a routine inspection. These include the heating and cooling systems, the foundation and structure, and appliances and smoke detectors. The homeowner should be encouraged to do everything he can to get the home in decent condition before the inspection takes place. In any case, he should be aware that most reports include some negative statements. After all, no home is in perfect shape. But he shouldn’t get upset about these statements. After all, the inspection report is not a wish-list for buyers. Instead, it’s just a ‘heads up.” The contract probably states that systems should be in good working order. A leaking roof is not in good working order — but may be with a simple repair. An older roof may not be “desirable,” but as long as it’s not leaking, it may satisfy the contract.
The homeowner should also be aware of his rights when it comes to repairs. Some contracts are written “as is” leaving the homeowner under no obligation to make repairs. Others use the inspection report as a starting point for negotiation. Inform your client of his rights and responsibilities to make the inspection — and subsequent discussions — go as smoothly as possible.

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*Free Inspection Program If Sale Does Not Close
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