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March 2008 Newsletter         
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From the Desk of
Arthur Lazerow

Certified Houses For Sale!

From my perspective as a home inspector and a licensed Realtor, the Certified Pre-Owned Listing (CPOL) program is a fantastic avenue to help listing Realtors sell their listings and to make their owners comfortable with the real estate sales process.

The Certified Pre-Owned Listing program puts the owner and listing Realtor in front of the home inspection process. The owner is in charge. The CPOL system has been in existence, mainly in Florida, for the past eight years. Eighty-seven percent (87%) of the homes certified by CPOL are never reinspected by the ultimate buyer. EIGHTY-SEVEN PERCENT! Eliminate all those surprises that occur when the buyer's home inspection is three weeks before settlement.

The seller has Alban perform the inspection. The seller can rely on a quality, thorough, ASHI and Maryland license standards of practice home inspection. The seller has the time to contract for repairs at the lowest possible prices, as opposed to making panic repairs immediately prior to settlement. With time to get estimates, CPOL saves the owner more than it cost. The home can then be sold with repairs made and in the best possible condition.

A CERTIFIED home stands out in its neighborhood. Drive around any neighborhood in your market area and there are multiple, almost identical looking homes. Drive through any townhouse community today and there may be ten or more homes whose fronts look identical. Why should a potential buyer visit one rather than another? With a sign in front saying CERTIFIED, that home will get attention. An owner can differentiate their home as a Certified Pre- Owned Listing.

How better to market a property. This will maximize the value of the home and minimize the length of time on the market, whatever the market conditions. Listing Realtors should recommend to their owners to call Alban for a Certified Pre-Listing Owner inspection.

Radon is Killing You?

Do not argue, unless you have tested your residence and the radon level is low. Otherwise, radon in your home may be the silent killer, as radon is now being called. Every client of Alban Home Inspection Service receives a written recommendation to have the home tested for radon. In continuing education classes, Realtors are often asked how many in the class have tested their homes for radon. Invariably, the majority in the room have never tested their homes.

Ask Marlene MacEwan about radon. She was the Lake Oswego, Oregon, radon awareness representative this past January, which was designated by EPA as Radon Awareness Month. She is a widow. Her non- moking husband, Bob, died of lung cancer in 2003. When the family home was tested soon after Bob was diagnosed with lung cancer, the radon level was found to be 55 picocuries per liter of air. Several years ago, one of Alban’s clients had a house in Potomac under contract that our radon test showed the radon level to be 126 pCi/l.

Do not test for elevated radon levels after a loved one has lung cancer, test before and remediate! Do not be one of the 20,000 people a year estimated to contract lung cancer from radon every year. The diagnosis ruins your day, the disease ruins your life. Lung cancer caused by radon is preventable. Every home owner and every home buyer should have their home tested. Call Alban to schedule a radon test today.

Certified Pre-owned Listing

The Certified Pre-Owned Listing inspection
and internet program is a way to differentiate
the certified home from the others for sale in
the neighborhood. Much like buying a
certified pre-owned automobile, a certified
home gets attention.

This is totally FREE to the Realtor. The owner simply calls Alban for a pre-owned listing, full home inspection. Homes in satisfactory condition or with repairs made are certified and the inspection report is posted on the internet. Sellers can make repairs in a timely manner, making the house sharp. This provides full disclosure and buyers know exactly what they are buying, which eliminates Realtor liability. The Seller gets a 120 day listing period warranty. Buyer gets a 90 day post settlement warranty. Realtors can place up to ten of their listings on the CPOL website. This is a win-win for both the Realtor and the  Owner.

• Full ASHI home inspection (Maryland
licensed inspectors for MD residences).

• Seller has full home inspection. Seller &
Buyer get peace of mind.

• Guaranteed experienced inspectors: At least 2 years experience, 250 inspections
minimum or equivalents and affidavit of no
criminal record on file.

• Full written home inspection report.

• Homes grading 70% and above
receive certification.

• Sign Rider announcing CPOL Certification.

• Homes grading less than 70% get advice
and certification when corrected.

• Listing Realtor and the home get 6 months
web posting. Post 10 listings free.

• Seller receives 120-day warranty from
American Home Warranty Company.

• Buyer receives optional free 90-day home
warranty from AHWC commencing at
settlement date through Brinks alliance
with Alban.

• Listing Realtor Liability Control: Alban
E&O Insurance covers referring Realtor,
including legal expenses and any monetary
award. Alban 24 hour immediate response
to call backs should Buyer find undisclosed
deficiency. Alban inspector re-visits upon
call-back. Alban reliability and customer
satisfaction. 120-day warranty to Seller and
optional free 90-day warranty to Buyer.
No listing Realtor disclosure liability on
home issues.

• Inspection Report posted on website.

CPOL is a web-based marketing program
designed to help all parties involved in the
real estate transaction make educated and
informed decisions. It increases traffic and
helps sell the home faster. Ensure smoother
transactions and eliminate 11th hour
negotiations. Provide buyers with complete
disclosure up-front. Owner inspections are
provided by the home inspectors of Alban
Home Inspection Service, Inc. The CPOL
program is an effective way to improve the
marketing of every Realtor’s listings.

Alban is proud to offer FREE Continuing Education Courses in Real Estate Offices!
Call Tina to schedule one of our educational seminars, for additional information, or to schedule our services at 800-822-7200 or 301-662-6565.

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