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The Benefits of Reducing Attic Heat

When selling a house, the last thing a Realtor wants is for shingles to be falling off and/or disintegrating right before the buyers’ eyes! This tragedy doesn’t have to occur, with the right planning and a little know-how. It is important for Realtors and others to understand that excessive heat build-up in the attic of a home can cause its roof shingles to deteriorate. Some home inspectors will tell you that the best way to prevent this is to install an electric attic fan, with a thermostat that activates the fan when temperatures rise to a certain point. Although this is one alternative, there is a cheaper, simpler way to lengthen the life of a roof. Adding two or more heat-driven turbine vents near the roof’s ridgeline can work just as effectively. You’ve probably seen such vents on the roofs of commercial buildings. They can be used on the average home’s roof as well. They work quite simply. When the attic gets too warm, the air rises, causing the turbines to spin and expel the hot air from the attic. Unlike attic fans, turbine vents require no maintenance and will not raise electric costs. This is a much less expensive, easier option to solve this embarrassing problem.

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As final measures before a home’s inspection, if applicable, make sure that vapor barriers are installed in crawl spaces and that the crawl spaces are dry. 
Moisture needs to be removed, as moisture levels in wood
should be below 18 percent to prevent dry rot and mildew. Also, remember to remove any paints, solvents, gas, and similar materials from crawl spaces, basements, attics, porches, etc. Access to the attic, crawl space, heating system, garage, and other areas the home inspector will check must be clear, with nothing blocking the way. 
All GFCI receptacles need to be tested to make sure they are operating
If not already in place, GFCI receptacles must be installed near all water sources.
Masonry walls in the basement need to be sealed. Window wells and covers need to be in place if windows are at or below grade. 
Finally, if the house is vacant, all utilities must be turned on, including water, electric,
water heater, furnace, air conditioning, and breakers in the main panel. Sellers who follow these steps should have no problem with a home inspection, making themselves, their Realtors, and their prospective buyers very happy.


Home Hightlights

Shrunken Pools

Is that a pool or a bath tub in your
back yard? Today’s swimming pools have shrunk about 14% over the past ten years, or about 3,700 gallons — enough to fill a large U-Haul truck!

Hung Out To Dry

The clothesline is making a comeback!
Due to a combination of high electricity prices and the yearn for the feel-good scent of outdoor-dryed clothes, clothesline manufacturers have reported a jump in sales of 40% to 80%. To account for recent homeowner association rules, the most popular models are the portable ones, designed much like a deck umbrella.

Bird In Hand

Have you ever found an abandoned
baby bird and not known what to do with it? Check out Project Wildlife’s web site,, which will help you come to the rescue!



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