Test the water quality if the house has a private well

Water quality is a concern for many reasons:

  • Your Family’s health. Drinking and bathing in contaminated water can cause serious health problems.
  • If you are purchasing a home with a private well, you should also be concerned about its physical condition. Sometimes a well becomes contaminated because it is defective. In other words, it’s not the water source that’s the problem, it’s the well itself.Wells can be very expensive to repair or replace ($5,000 – $10,000 per well).
  • Your lender may require that the well pass a water test prior to loan approval.
  • Whether you are purchasing a home or have lived in yours for a long time, a private well should be tested for the most common contaminates: bacteria, nitrates, nitrites and lead. The EPA, University of Maryland Water Experts and the American Ground Water Trust recommend ANNUAL testing of private wells.

Alban inspectors are accredited to collect water in all local States and all associated laboratories are nationally accredited.

01.For Conventional Financing

Basic water sampling includes testing for bacteria and nitrite/nitrate chemical contamination.

02. For FHA/VA Financing

FHA/VA and some state housing finance programs require more extensive water testing, including bacteria, nitrite/nitrate chemical contamination, turbidity (clarity), iron, lead, chlorine, and pH.

03. For Property Owners

EPA and other experts recommend annual water testing for bacteria and nitrite/nitrate chemical contamination. In addition, every three years, test for sulfate, chloride, iron, manganese, lead, hardness and corrosion index.